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Mary Morrow

Welcome to Laughing Cobra Yoga with classes, retreats, and private instruction offered by Mary Morrow. 

Set an intention to connect to your inner yogi so you may experience the unique wisdom, intuition and beauty inside of you.  

When you "practice mindful exercise and relaxation with a smile" you create a positive view of the world and yourself.  Step into the life you want; one filled with joy, abundance, and equanimity.  

The mission of Laughing Cobra Yoga is to help you in that endeavor.  You may choose from: 

  • four levels of yoga classes
  • a variety of retreat and workshop topics 
  • private sessions of yoga instruction, or
  • Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, a safe and effective bodywork modality to wellness.  

Whether you have taken yoga in the past or are new to the practice, you can join small group classes with individualized attention.  You will be guided along in your process to stretch, strengthen and grow.

You are invited to experience the many rejuvenating benefits of practicing YOGA!


Yoga Classes are held at two locations in Minneapolis and now in Hastings, Minnesota on Mondays through Saturdays.  Check the current Class Schedule for times/locations that fit your needs.

Or Phone: (651) 480-2529

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy